Temporary Orders

If requested, the court will schedule a temporary order hearing in which a judge issues temporary orders on matters that need to be addressed quickly, such as, which parent will have custody of the children, the amount of child support to be paid by the other parent and their visitation rights. The hearing provides a tentative solution for other pressing issues, such as, who will live in the marital house, who will pay the bills and who can keep the car. Because the court gives each party time for discovery before they hammer out a permanent settlement, the orders issued in this hearing will be temporary. As an experienced attorney like Stephanie Foster will help you effectively present your immediate concerns and needs to the court.

Stephanie Foster can skillfully present your views as the judge determines who will have child custody and who will pay child support. The attorney will seek a workable child visitation and access plan. Furthermore, she will work hard to make sure that the temporary use and possession of property and payment of debt structure is fair, equitable and feasible. It is important to have skillful representation, such as that provided by Stephanie Foster.

Clients seeking a temporary orders lawyer in Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Keller, Southlake and other nearby cities have found quality representation at the Law Offices of Stephanie A. Foster, P.C. As an experienced attorney who appears regularly in Tarrant County’s family courts, she will ensure that you are well prepared and represented in a temporary hearing.