Modification & Enforcement

A divorce might appear fair when it is settled. However, with the passage of time, new circumstances may present themselves that make it necessary to change an agreement. There might be a need to ask the court to enforce or modify an order. The court may modify a child support, custody or visitation order, for example, if there has been a significant change in one party’s salary, or if a party must move to another city. The court also will take action to enforce an order if one of the parties is out of compliance or in contempt of court. The court may take punitive action against a parent who evades payment of child support, which could include garnishing their wages, suspending their driver’s license or placing them in jail.  You should consult with an attorney experienced in the modification and enforcement of orders if you are seeking a change in a court order. The Law Offices of Stephanie A. Foster, P.C. in Arlington, Texas represents clients in cases related to child support, divorce, modification of orders and enforcement of orders. If you need assistance with the modification of a child support order or with post divorce enforcement, contact skilled modification attorney Stephanie Foster at 817-277-2805. Schedule a consultation today.