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In deciding to divorce, a man or woman takes a difficult but crucial step to end a marriage in crisis. In addition to being an emotionally trying time, the divorce process usually involves complex legal issues that require the counsel of a competent divorce lawyer. At the Law Offices of Stephanie A. Foster, P.C., an attorney focused exclusively on divorce and family law helps you make informed decisions that will affect you long-term. Stephanie Foster and her staff work diligently to resolve your case in a timely, cost-effective manner. They work hard to achieve settlements that are favorable to you and will continue to meet your needs in the future.

The Divorce Process

In a divorce, the person who files an original divorce petition is the petitioner. The respondent is the other party. As your lawyer, Stephanie Foster will represent your interests. She will help you determine which route (contested or non-contested, collaborative or cooperative divorce) is best for you.

As part of the traditional litigation divorce process the court gives both spouses time for discovery, during which time they must exchange information about the marital estate, which includes their assets and debts. If custody of children is in dispute, the court may also appoint experts, such as social workers, psychologists and counselors, to evaluate the family’s living arrangements and to offer a professional opinion or recommendation to the Judge. Stephanie A. Foster is a knowledgeable attorney who will conduct inquiries on your behalf either in written form or through depositions. Depending on the level of cooperation of the parties involved, this discovery process can be informal and fast or it may be drawn-out and costly. The Foster Law Office works proactively to achieve prompt, cost-effective settlements through submitting Proposed Agreed Orders for Deadlines to the opposing side.

After the divorcing parties exchange the necessary information, they work with their attorneys and mediators to reach compromises leading to a divorce decree. This process could take weeks or months. However, on issues that are unresolved, a judge will rule on the matters in a hearing or set the case for a trial.  Again, depending on the level of cooperation between the opposing sides, a divorce trial could take hours, days or weeks. When it ends, a divorce decree is drafted which states how property and debts will be divided and how custody, support and visitation will be handled. After a judge signs the divorce decree, the parties are bound to obey the orders it establishes. For example, if a parent fails to pay child support or does not comply with a child visitation agreement, he or she may face a jail sentence. Contact the Foster Firm for an enforcement/contempt case.

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If you are contemplating a divorce, consider hiring an experienced and effective lawyer who takes time to understand your needs and works hard for your interests. Contact the experienced divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Stephanie A. Foster, P.C. in Arlington, Texas. To discuss specific details of your case, schedule a consultation today. Stephanie Foster serves clients in Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Keller, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Southlake, Colleyville and other Tarrant County communities.  Call 817-277-2805.

Skilled Legal Representation in the area of Divorce Law

Stephanie Foster works pro-actively and cooperatively to reach agreements with opposing counsel on matters related to divorce law such as spousal support, division of assets and child custody. However, if your former spouse does not agree to a settlement, Stephanie Foster aggressively litigates your case in Tarrant County courts and fights passionately on your behalf. In many cases Stephanie Foster achieves impressive results long before a case goes to court by using her extensive family law training and experience in alternative dispute resolution. 

Stephanie Foster’s clients receive information about each phase of their case. The caring staff tries to answer any questions or concerns with immediacy rather than leave you wondering and worrying as you await a court date. For many families, particularly those with children, a divorce requires that two former spouses “re-structure” their relationship. With her extensive knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Stephanie Foster is usually able to achieve workable agreements that meet the client’s needs so that he or she is able to move on to a more positive phase of life after their divorce is final. Clients may choose to settle their divorce and related family-law cases through mediation, arbitration or collaborative law. When negotiations and cooperative efforts fail, litigation may be necessary. Stephanie Foster has experience at representing clients in the courtroom. She will argue eloquently for your best interests whether a judge or jury hears the case and whether it is a long or short trial.