Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

When Stephanie Foster files a divorce case on your behalf, a process server delivers a divorce suit to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. With it, the attorney includes an information packet explaining that an amicable settlement may be reached quickly and without court appearances, using collaborative law. A collaborative divorce is one in which each party agrees to hire a collaborative lawyer. The divorcing parties sign a contract in which they agree to cooperate to negotiate the terms of their divorce without court intervention through a series of collaborative meetings. Each party must disclose their financial information. As a collaborative law attorney, Stephanie Foster must investigate the value of the marital estate, but ultimately her thorough research saves time and money by yielding a more rapid settlement of the case without a courtroom battle. Collaborative law can help men and women reach workable solutions in every aspect of their divorce, including child custody, support and visitation as well as the division of assets and debts. It is a way to divorce with dignity without any courts and without any war.

Stephanie Foster believes that mature, prudent, logical adults willing to cooperate can benefit greatly from collaborative law. The collaborative process is designed to make both parties feel safe, respected and in control of their lives as they work to reach common ground. The parties will mutually agree on each part of the settlement. Instead of coercing or fighting with each other, all energy and resources are used to reach solutions. Stephanie Foster believes that clients who truly cooperate can finish the divorce process with a greater sense of self-respect and dignity than if they fight bitterly in a courtroom. You can read more about the differences between collaborative law and litigation here.   

Stephanie Foster, who has extensive training in dispute resolution and mediation, is a skilled collaborative law attorney whose office serves Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and other cities in Tarrant County. She is active in professional associations of collaborative lawyers and encourages her colleagues to train in this growing area of law. In a collaborative divorce, lawyers with collaborative law training must represent both parties. Contact Stephanie Foster, an experienced Tarrant County collaborative divorce attorney, for help with your case. Call 817-277-2805.